Friday, July 22, 2005

Malaysia Boleh?

Ok at first thought I'd regret coming here with my Dad, but I guess it's not too bad after all.. for a tourist trap.

The Genting resort is an archetypical example of an integrated resort.. Imagine putting JEC's Snow City, Marina Square's United Archery, Wild Wild Wet, California's Knott's Berry Farm all in one place, and throwing in a casino and an indoor roller coaster for good measure. Not to mention a vertical wind tunnel in which one can skydive without bothering with details like parachutes. (And Ella from S.H.E. did it, kudos.) And the Xtreme show was awesome. Made up of many acts like motorbike stunts (the best, 4 bikes zipping inside a small sphere), acrobatics, dancers, clowns and the whole works. Oh yes that reminds me to catch Cirque du Soleil back in sg.

Too bad it is a little inaccessible. An airport or landing strip here would make it complete. Is that why it's not quite as crowded as sg's malls even on a friday night? We'll see how saturday nite turns out.

Btw I think this is a not a bad place to bring your girls, if she doesn't mind the long bus ride. Not that this advice would be too useful for most of you guys reading this. (Is there even anyone reading this? But I digress.) It's really not that sleazy at all, contrary to my expectations. Kawaiis everywhere. Even the pub is pretty wholesome, plays wholesome live music like lemon tree. Good for the whole family. I think those malaysians they did something right this time. Free wireless broadband internet almost everywhere too. Too bad I haven't got a laptop, so I gotta shell out a few bucks for the cybercafe.

K think i better head 2 bed now.. gonna try that vertical wind tunnel tmr.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Soap is back!

Soup! Icq 159861005. Spam him, I think he wants some.


Monday, July 18, 2005


Battle Angel Alita. James Cameron. 2007.

Monday, July 11, 2005

CLEAR LEAVE LOH!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspired by Tuck's ORD LOH!!! post, here's my CLEAR LEAVE LOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! version. Note the liberal use of !!!'s, unlike the Tuck who's so stingy with his.

Yes there wasn't much fanfare 4 me either. Juz quietly left the office today with my fatty. Still have alot of junk on my desk, gotta come back to reclaim my books n return the PCs.

Ok so my time is mine from now till 1st Sep, until I become my prof's RA/slave in NUS. Damn, what should I do with all that free time on my hands? Go babewatching on sunset bay? Finish up some of those books that have been crying 2 be read? Go thru a few more spindles of anime/jdrama? I'm open to suggestions :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympics voting saga: Arrow's Impossibility Theorem or just politics?

Yes poor french. Cos the silly amorix left early, and do u think the amerixans would ever vote french? Would you like "freedom fries" with that? Adieu. Oh and Singapore made billion$$ in the proce$$. Good job!