Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Airline recommendations anyone?

Wee Kang is not supported under Temasek Proj but he is a bright person and he is working with Berge on some cryptographic projects. I believe the money will be well spent since he is a Singaporean and as part of our mission, we need to promote a local pool of talents.
Ahh, nothing like being on the receiving end of some affirmative loving action. The only other singaporean in the lab speaking out for me. Almost makes me wanna cry.

Oh I'm going for this quantum information processing workshop in paris from 16 to 20 Jan, in case anyone's interested. Soap wanna chill? We could freeze our butts off together. Should be snowy n nice rite?

Anyway, so I'll need to book some plane tickets. Anyone got any recs? Not SIA cos Singapore Airlines service and attitude towards singaporeans sux. They have negative action towards singaporeans. And the legroom in economy is horrible. I was thinking Air France but legroom doesn't seem so much better. Scandinavia's "economy extra" has extra good legroom but comes with a price. Not sure if they'll sponsor that. The grant is so cheapskate, I get $60 a day. That's about $30 Euros. And I gotta look for a hotel below $200 a nite, which is a little challenging. My beloved fatty got so much more $$$ (340 per day) for going to jerusalem. But i guess it's more dangerous there. Then again paris also got riots also these days. Like ms JY says, so much for european utopia soap.

Oh and K. Eric Drexler will be giving a talk in NUS on Jan 12 (confirmed). He was a populariser of nanotechnology. Did anyone actually read Engines of Creation? He really influenced Diamond Age and Singularity Sky. Anyway I read an article saying he was broken and broke after getting shot down by nobel laureate Rice (of buckyball fame) and having his agenda twisted by chemists for their own ends. But it's amazing NUS actually got him to come over. Is he alive again? Or maybe NUS just has low standards. I'll go find out.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

OMG I'm done

Berkeley & MIT, here i cum.. I hope. And I can't believe u applied 2 so many zillion places leecongee. Same to you quandric. Hats off to the 2 of you. 2 was painful enough 4 me. Stopped at 2, dun need the gahmen to tell me 2. And it's must be even more painful 4 u quandric, seeing all your effort gone to waste.

And soap when r u finishing your masters? Cum n join me n gideon at MIT lah. If I get in. Even sihui is there. It will be just like old times :D. We can hop over to Boston U to hear Shelly Glashow talk about how proud he is of that fact that BU is a no-string-theorist-zone. Pride man. Just like how LKY must be feeling about communists in Singapore now that u're gone.

R comes after P. Yes, I mean restecp. No respcet. Argh u know what I mean. Respcet. Gotta give me some d00d. Yes I mean you Soap and Ms JY. After all, I'm living w/o sex. Or perhaps you/others would call it "living". But Singapore is such a fine country, there is no difference between living and "living", lah. Fug I'm getting into the silly annoying angmoh habit of putting a comma before the lahs, lah. Argh n0000000 st0pit they're destroying our way of life, lah. Err I mean "life". Ford save us please, lah.

OK time for some seditious comments b4 I sign off. No disrespec to the gals but u're rite soap I must agreed that I haven't really been impressed by that many chicks in physics. I mean there was this pretty not bad one from amsterdam who came to visit but her research ain't that impressive IMHO. But I must say she strongly impressed upon me her refusal to wear interior frontal support. She's a hacker, though mostly *BSD. I guess chix either have no aptitude or interest in physics or neither.

Oh yah and Singularity Sky is awesome. And Fire upon the Deep. The good thing about becoming Algernon/Charlie Gordon is that one can appreciate good stuff over and over again. And so is Kubuntu Dapper Drake 2nd Preview. Even Anansi Boys and Elements of Information Theory are good. I must be in a generous mood.