Friday, November 18, 2005

Full Sedition Ahead

Hah. Those silly ang mohs from Quantumlahlahland. They're so weak. Ok lah, u gotta give them credit. They can sometimes use their 'lah's in the correct places. But give them durian and they still run away. Almost everyone complained that my durian sweets stank up the lab. In the end only the singaporean prof appreciated them, so i gave the whole pack to him.

And those Indians. When it comes to a row between Pakistan and the Brits, they would rather root for the Pakis. It is amazing. And I thought they're like on the brink of nuking each other. One Indian explained it as them uniting against their former colonial master. How many of us sgers would side with the Malaysians in a standoff between them and the Brits?

And it is sad. I hear that these days the science olympiad teams in JC r made up of PRC PRs and such. What's the point of getting medals like that? Where's our pride? Just like badminton and ping pong. Sigh. In my time we p0wn3d the PRC team with pure singaporean blood, at least for chem olympiad. We made them cry.

Ok better end off with a couple of less seditious comments. Or maybe not. Seems like Paul Erdos, that famous mathematician who all other mathematicans r proud 2 be connected to (ie. have a low degree of separation a la friendster, except links are not between friends, but between pple who have authored papers together), was a regular meta-amphetamine user. OMG. Performance-enhanced theorems. But apparently he was not hooked. He made a bet that he could stay off it for 1 month, and he collected. But he is said to have told the other guy, "You've set mathematics back for a month!"

Paul Dirac, the guy who came up the idea of positrons, thought that physical 'constants' could change in time. And some 80 years later, there's tantalizing evidence to suggest that his claims may not be that far off. If so this would rule out some string theories. Which is great news. [I hope it rules out most if not all string theories, they're more like religion than science as they cannot predict anything. Or rather, they can 'predict' anything.]


Blogger paddychicken said...

"We made them cry."
sg pride yeah

Sat Nov 19, 12:41:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger qdc said...

oh man, they are disgracing your legacy! You should write in to MOE and complain.

Sat Nov 26, 12:16:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

i know man. btw quandric u seem 2 be getting lots of comment spam.. u shld enable word verification.

Sat Nov 26, 01:55:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Azzurra said...

Singaporean pride got hurt by PRC teams; on the other hand Chinese are embarrassed for the "treason" of players to other countries. But if you think about how Chinese settled everywhere in the world, it's not a big deal that some of their athletes represent elsewhere than their motherland. Same goes with Singapore, which started out as a nation of immigrants anyway. So it's just absorbing new immigrants. Not a big deal either.

An Italian lady in my lab found the usage of the Singaporean "can" confusing. In Italian the verbs are conjugated according to the pronoun and used independently without the pronouns . eg "you can" = "puoi" instead of "tu puoi". So at first when people say "can" to her, she couldn't understand - "who can"?

Mon Dec 05, 10:37:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

Not so much pride got hurt as none to begin with. Poaching already well-trained players from other countries and fielding them just seems no different from cheating.

Japanese usually skip the subject in their sentences. Most of the time, there is little ambiguity. And one is perceived to be too direct and blunt if one uses the subject too often.

Mon Dec 05, 11:24:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Azzurra said...

Hmm poaching? I guess Singapore can't help it yet. It doesn't have basic resources, so use ready-made human resources lor. Fits the big picture wat =)

Mon Dec 05, 01:55:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

I tot the gahmen used to say we have no resources but human ones. I guess politicians n bureacrats like doing 180-degree backflips and eating their words at the same time. Oh my this is getting so seditious. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Will anyone come n visit me in the gallows?

Btw, u seem very free :)

Mon Dec 05, 03:34:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Azzurra said...

Yeah yeah the government does focus on human resources. That's why it imports humans like resources right?

I haven't read Diamond Age. Will try to find it.

And you seem free too. Anything else to do apart from being seditious? ^__^

Mon Dec 05, 04:00:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Yifan said...

Frung, still remember the time when we brought a durian back to Avery? All the ang mohs freaked out... heh.

You still care so passionately about the foreign talent vs local thing? During our time we could beat them, as you said... ok you could beat them, i can't. But anyway, it's been so long, i don't feel any more about all that.

Need to update more frequently =P

Wed Dec 07, 07:07:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

Lol yah Fung i remember. Aiyah angmohs will always be angmohs lah. For every 1 that can stand durian a million will stampede the other way.

Anyway I was just wondering what happen to our local home-grown kids. Maybe the immigrants do better cos they're more on edge? The born-in-Singaporeans have become too soft or something?

It's everywhere, not just the olympiad teams. One of the professors was supervising some kids from RI for a physics project and I was having lunch with them. 1 was shanghainese, 1 was beijing, only 1 singaporean. Outnumbered again.

And Fung u're one to talk about updates. Where's your blog?

Thu Dec 08, 11:24:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Azzurra said...

Immigrants feel like they gotta do well because
1. They feel like "representing the nation"
2. Family expectations
3. Stronger academic foundation

Not all of them do well though. I know of a kid who got C6 for Chinese.

Fri Dec 09, 11:44:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Yifan said...

Frung, since you're too LAZY to check my profile, I shall spoonfeed u with my blog site:

Hmmm, I think as a foreign student in USA I felt the need to push myself and perform. Maybe the immigrants feel the same too.

Sat Dec 10, 01:12:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought all posters here were guys till i read azzurra's 2nd post & that sounded damn girlish. must be the odd smiley & the use of "lady" where "chick" would be more approp. smiling at things that guys wouldn't admit are funny. who's azzurra anyways. that's the other singaporean thing. anonymity. it's irritating. lowers efficiency. thanks to govt & cultural persecution.. makes this look like a porn blog... bean at least quote q pontiff. i find alcohol makes reading physics easier. i thjnk it zuppresses the hippocampian shit which fogs my confidence, overexaggerates the anxiety of looking at strange notation. too bad some of those neuroactifs r lethal here. physicists should unify their damn basic notation to give room to real interesting ones. or invent more letters. prcs. as yidong discovered long b4 me they r only good at calculating. poor at physical intuition. when i try to tell them the physical meaning of blah they just scream: "but the equation sez... " but calculation is good 4 physo, exams, & things that seem to matter. maybe not chemo. so prcs are more sucky at chem i guess? hey how much you like the smell of rotten kimchi? but some koreans cant stand the smell of cheese. it's all adaptation dude. i cant stand dutch herring. & u like that nip
squid with ink stuff? & asians lack some dehydrogenase gene or something? or hop appreciation gene. makes beer useless 4 long term physics. we need gene therapy to improve alcohol tolerance & dick length. do our genes fuck up male dancing too? its good that 't hooft hates string theory.. but he teaches a course in it. my prof hates papa witten too. hey here's a korean word: lihkeenaam. oily man. e.g. lihkee martin. boy their word for ang moh pwns ours. "kojaengyi" meaning "person highly skilled with the nose". dude now we noe that it is not only our colonial masters that r gud at irony & satire. of course the prc won't appreciate irony cuz they werent colonized... btw im junping

Sat Dec 10, 07:47:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh another thing that makes prc real good at olympiads is that maybe they dont feel bad if they dont read merchant of venice & hence flunk english lit. maybe reading shitspeare helped me with visualizing kwangtung mechanix

Sat Dec 10, 07:53:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u noe why shoe polish are like singaporeans? all their history theyve been fucked front & back by big countries so they are always ready to suck american cock.

Sat Dec 10, 07:59:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or whoever's cock looks like it should produce human resources

Sat Dec 10, 08:01:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw italy, spain & france r known as the "lands of lihkeenaam" my god the korean chicks r so advanced that they have oredi grown to despise globs of oil! but problem is they cant live without kimchi.

Sat Dec 10, 08:09:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

which leads me to think, u really have to get those chicks young. if singaporeans cant be convinced to love kimchi, and polish cant be convinced to love durians, how can u hope to convince a girl in her 20s to be unable to live without you and not just without your children and without your money? bean do you still remember that girl from kindergarten? how about that cousin that u used to play with when you were young? no disrespec man, just offering some alternatives to paedophilia. guys are different, azzurra, because we cannot live without sex. as a matter of fact i'm kind of dead now.

Sat Dec 10, 08:38:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

wow soap ur alive. this is more fun than posting :D

for a moment i tot u were drunk. but ur spelling is intentional and u managed 2 type in the silly word verification correctly 6 times.

on kimchi and other edibles:
i dunno it just tastes good. my sense of smell isn't that good, so i'm definitely not kojaengyi. guess it helps me to appreciate kimchi better. cheesecake is gd though. haven't tried the black inky squid.

on alcohol:
yah i can't appreciate it. it just makes me horny, but i get that from going to the gym already. anyway i don't think all sgers r like us, zouk doesn't survive on just farangs u know. oh yah farang how the thais say angmoh. and some angmohs wear t-shirts dat say "farang" lol. they either love irony or want to pick fights.

on american cock:
haven't tried it either. personally i'd prefer pussy, but that's just me. omg this is becoming so fucking seditious i'm gonna be put away for good. anyway C programming and pleasing my boss are probably the closest thing to fellatio for me, although i must reiterate that i have not tried the Real Thing and i really have no desire to.

on restecp:
d00d i'm oredi going 2 jail, there's no need 2 add caning as well. r u trying 2 make me admit that i like little girls on my blog? ha i'm not that stupid ok. u may be evil and the ultimate manipulator and all that but i won't fall 4 it this time. and gee thangs for telling the other 3 guys and 1 girl who read my blog abt my pitiable childhood. *sniffles*

on dancing:
if asians can't dance u're not asian. come on guys speak up for JP! doesn't anyone remember the Great Singapore Workout, JP Edition? hmm i guess those who do aren't reading my blog. soap u shld have gone 4 salsa lah. i pale in comparison 2 ur l33t sk1lz

on surviving without sex:
i'm surviving somehow. as for you, what happen to those korean n nippy chix? btw keep posting, they're awesome! :) I shld just let u post. U wanna post main? U'll have an instant audience of 5 i think.

oh and btw azurra is JY. u can't tell from her words? mexican "food", "mediterranean" restaurant, lol it was a memorable nite. i'm sure even yidong would agree.

Sat Dec 10, 11:05:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Azzurra said...

Aiyah Mr Weikang, why you tell JP who I am? Now it's settled. I guess by default I'm supposed to antangonize JP. Ok lor. So be it.

And since when did I post anything that suggests that I believe guys can live without sex???

Mon Dec 12, 09:13:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dood i figured who azzurra was after my 2nd or 3rd post. the weakness for globular languages was dead giveaway... i felt kinda embarassed for a whole day. btw this was posted by pecking on a could u waste my effort on fung... i seriously hope he wasn't thirsty this time round. why is a gf like pullups for everyone else? so i guess u still a zero fighter, but u sure don't sound like it these times. ur tones suggests some juicy missing details. maybe the quality of porn you're watching has improved? or you realize that qft is no different from coding? farangi is iran word for foreigner. (and maybe satan?) hey it's still alright to post racist comments about angmohs right? btw how was advanced quantum? did it feel like top class 9th ranked technological university stuff? i suspect it's the excellent blowjobs theyve been offering to biochemists. those nippys. one has a dutch bf (who looks like
beckham*bradpitt) & the other is a xtian (no kinky adventures for her) unluckily the dutch bf is not into threesomes. d00d the dutch newspapers are always fucking seditious. there was an article complaining abt dutch food. i think there will be a death sentence for any dutchies entering sg now. maybe they'll just plant some drugs in their luggage. & castration 4 those who are into 3somes. seriously. did u see that sterling post about fines for littering in LA? and jaywalking? u got to print that on a t-shirt... dude ethanol improves my typing & arithmetic

Tue Dec 13, 03:55:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey u wont like kimchi when everything in ur fridge tastes like kimchi. how about kimchi yogurt? kimchi ice cream? kimchi apple? these however are acceptable to koreans.

Tue Dec 13, 04:00:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw mr. binky ISD lawman,
if u're following this blog i suggest castration 4 any dutchman who looks like beckham. or are u not interested in preserving ur genes? oops i 4 get ure binky lawman. ure not even interested in SDU. u got to hire some damn farang to kill 4 u. coz ur balls r made of binky goo. i hate word verification. it prevents me from dling porn avis from rapidshare. wtf.

Tue Dec 13, 04:07:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes all my porn has to be avi. coz the damn dcoder chip is proprietary. this really sux bcos those nips prefer wmv. stoopid farangis. dont u think abt ur farangi brudder-customers who r into asians? bean. you NEED to try picking up nip chicks in sg. they look like they despise us but i suspect they have a secret urge go be screwed by a tanned south east asian. do u see how ugly & skinny the guys in nip porn always r? i think u just need to b dark.

Tue Dec 13, 04:19:00 AM GMT+8  

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