Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lost post

Instead of learning some nonabelian gauge theory, today I was sent out on dispatch. My mission? To purchase pressure gauges. Wika-branded, made-in-Germany pressure gauges. Yes, mock me. I'll show you gauges. Don't think just because u're made in Germany u're damn big fug. So what if u're made in germany? After all u only cost less than $20 a pop. Almost as cheap as a China lock. It's common knowledge what happened to that China lock that tried to mess with me. Big mistake. Chose the wrong guy to cross man.

Anyway saw a lot of planes flying around in the Ubi/Macpherson area. Couple of fighters with big payloads. And also one of those green camouflaged propeller planes with a Singaporean flag on the tail - was it perhaps returning from Aceh? All coming in slow - probably for a landing at Paya Lebar. No one was staring at the planes besides me.. I guess the residents must be pretty accustomed to it. Here in Jurong we only get to hear the annoying sonic booms from those Tengah takeoffs, have never seen them fly so low before. Too bad by the time I thought to whip out my cameraphone, they were gone.

Last nite was trying to explain my part in this to a friend. Her name was Alicia, and my alias Bean. In these quantum communication scenarios the communicating parties are usually named Alice and Bob, and the eavesdropper Eve. Actually these days we badminton kakis have all been calling one another Bob. I started it on a whim, but maybe it had more sinister origins. Anyway it has caught on and now we're all Bobs.

After that I chatted with a fellow physicist who's now bonded to a* and working on sinister biological problems which he assures me is actually physics in disguise. When I sent him the link above his response "4 pages... for PRL??? Congratulations!!" really amused me as I had just read this post about the benefits of the 4-page limit by a quantum information theorist. Specifically point 3.

[I have been wondering where this post went as I distinctly remember typing it up. Turns out I canned (drafted) it instead of publishing :p. No I wasn't abducted by aliens, nor did I experience any 'lost time'. Except maybe for the time spent in ns.]