Saturday, September 03, 2005

Attacked by a Pole

Was having lunch with a Pole from my lab. Without warning,

"Do you like the PAP?"
"Did you vote?"
"Err.. I don't need to, there's no opposition in my area."
"I see."
"So you don't like the PAP?"
"Well, that's not important. What's more important is whether you like them."



"How bout u? How's the situation in Poland?"
"I would say we have about 8 major parties."
"OMFG!!! 8 parties??? Did I hear right?"
"OMFG." Can't believe that so many parties can exist in one place.
"Anyway, our president has resigned and joined an opposition party."
The mind boggles.

Speaking of Poles, I represent 50% of Singaporeans in the NUS QIT Lab. Rest being Germans, Poles, PRCs. Yes there r only 2 of singaporese there. Even though they call it Quantumlah. The other guy's not even real, but a Malaysian convert. So I'm like the only born-and-bred Singaporean there. Not a very good representative, as I've been quite sickly the past month.

If not for HK or me, I think we can forget about the "Singapore" in the "Singapore protocol". It would be more like "Assembled in Singapore from imported parts."