Sunday, June 05, 2005

Surfer's High

Quite exciting. And embarassing. Man that babe in the black bikini was good. And I don't just mean her figure. Sorry guys, wish I had pictures or a video to show here. She was making circles around a coupla tough looking brown hunks. All meat, no skill. Heh, at least they got meat. After many tries I managed to actually move a tad faster than a crawl. But the board was bigger than I remembered; not too difficult to balance on it even for a guy like me. But my half-remembered bits of technique were way off. I couldn't feel the force; my body was too weak to solve this dynamical control problem in realtime. Wakeboarding was easy compared to this.

Since I couldn't tack into the wind, and both current and wind were coming from the same direction, I drifted to the next breaker. Ended up carrying the board and sail back. So n00b.

Cafe at the beach had nice music. Very relaxing. Too bad their seats didn't have backs. After all that back strain it'd have been nice 2 sit back n relax. And I found out that my back strain was because my posture was wrong. Listened to someone talk about her love of fast cars and racing. Too bad that didn't really appeal to me. My thoughts were quite offtopic; mostly spaced out looking at the blue sky and the clouds. Shikamaru is the man. Oh I was wondering for a few moments if the aerodynamic lift force (beam reach, or sailing at right angles to the wind) could be stronger than simply catching the wind (running, or sailing in the same direction as the wind). Anyone know?

Forgot to mention that I met Baolun there. We were in ASP together, transferring antibiotic resistances from some E. coli to others via plasmids. Yes YL, I was once a microbiologist. But I soon turned away from the Dark Side. Anyway he's done with his dentist training, gonna start practising soon.

Oh and during dinner the girls were saying they were sooo tired (they really were, could hardly carry their boards back). But when one mentioned the great singapore sale, the other was like let's go after this! Hello?!?! When they say they're tired, they really mean 'tired except if there's a sale going on'. Just like when they say they're full, they really mean 'full but dessert goes into a different stomach'. デザートは別腹だ。


Anonymous Joe said...

I don't have the equations, but from years of sailing I know that if you want to go fast, you do a run (that's what the pros do), beam reach is far more inefficient.

Mon Jun 06, 04:15:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

Yo da man! Didn't know u were a pro surfer man! Yeah I was leaning towards that way if I had to bet on it. Just thought it'd be really cool if by some trick of nature the reverse were true.

And methinks I should get some sandals with good traction - the board can get quite slippery and it'll be nice not to worry about my grip on the board when my hands are full. And also some contacts so I can actually see like more than a metre away, heh.

Did you do boardsailing or regular sailing? Or both?

Mon Jun 06, 09:40:00 PM GMT+8  

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