Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Farce Side

A Lost Hope? - Perhaps not.

The Saga Begins - The Bard tells the tale. Starring Obiwan as Lead Singer cum Guitarist and Palpatine the Pianist. mp3

Darth Side - Memoirs of a Monster

Store Wars
- "Search your peelings" Will the Organic Rebellion succeed?

- "Wah si lin lao peh." Thanks Power98.

Do leave a comment if you know of any more good ones. Thanks.

PS. Hope I didn't hose your bandwidth again spoon. Thanks and do let me know if I did :P

PPS. Oh and isn't it amazing how there are spoofs of every episode except the second. Is it just me or is everyone else trying to forget that it existed? Glad I'm not alone there.

PPPS. A Lost Hope and Darthside were done before episode III was released, and Saga Begins before episode I. With all due respect, the emperor is apparently not the only prescient one around.


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