Saturday, April 09, 2005

need a linkroll

but before that, will have to make do with this:

another rotflmao link, courtesy of chunhui

what's in a name?
W.E.E.K.A.N.G.: Wireless Electronic Entity Keen on Assassination and Nocturnal Gratification
B.E.A.N.: Being Engineered for Assassination and Nullification
F.A.R.N.Y.: Functional Android Responsible for Nocturnal Yelling
B.O.B.: Being Optimized for Battle
B.O.L.E.H.T.A.H.A.N.: Being Optimized for Logical Exploration and Harm/Transforming Android Hardwired for Assassination and Nullification

How many darwin awards does this deserve?

Les Horribles Cernettes, the first rock band on the web! Full of High Energy Girls!
for the confused, this wikipedia link may enlighten

and lastly, the probability of greatness:
Recently we discovered (cond-mat/0212043) that the majority of scientific citations are copied from the lists of references used in other papers. Here we show that a model, in which a scientist picks three random papers, cites them,and also copies a quarter of their references accounts quantitatively for empirically observed citation distribution. Simple mathematical probability, not genius, can explain why some papers are cited a lot more than the other.
During the “Manhattan project” (the making of nuclear bomb[sic]), Fermi asked Gen. Groves, the head of the project, what is the definition of a “great” general. Groves replied that any general who had won five battles in a row might safely be called great. Fermi then asked how many generals were great. Groves said about three out of every hundred. Fermi conjectured that considering that opposing forces for most battles are rougly equal in strength, the chance of winning one battle is 1/2 and the chance of winning five battles in a row is (1/2)^5=1/32. “So you're right General, about three out of every hundred. Mathematical probability, not genius.”
via quantum pontiff. Fermi is pure genius.


Anonymous Kevin said...

The Jamie Han videos were a great resource to me being overseas and all. Anyway, I realize you played Star Control as well! Man, That's the best game I've ever played! Even star control 1 and 3 can't compare. No one really makes games like those anymore!

Thu Apr 14, 11:40:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bean said...

Awesome! It's great 2 hear from a fellow SC2 fan! The story, the high-fidelity mod music coming from the pc speakers.. ah it seems like a lifetime ago.

As for the vids no need 2 thank me, thank the others instead. Btw I must apologize for not having enabled comments in that post, it's been fixed now.

So, how long more till graduation? How's it like there? Seems like you guys have a sizable singaporean community.

Fri Apr 15, 09:47:00 PM GMT+8  

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