Tuesday, January 11, 2005

3rd Asia Pacific Workshop on Quantum Information Science

Inspired by Jiahao and M. Nielsen, here are some memorable "quotes", but don't quote me:

"I hope I don't fall asleep before the audience does. At the very least, we can fall asleep at the same time."

- Daniel Greenberger (of GHZ fame), as he was about to begin his lecture.

"Since I am from the Perimeter Institute, I will now talk about the isoperimetric problem."

- Karol Zyckowski

"This is the bestest protocol for quantum key distribution."

- Berge Englert, on what he refers to as the "Singapore Protocol"

And Hans Briegel's explanation of why the cluster/graph operators commute really reminds me of this gem from Anthony Zee's book:

"Yeah, it is reminiscent of what distinguishes the good theorists from the bad ones. The good ones always make an even number of sign errors, and the bad ones always make an odd number."

2 wrongs make one right.


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so can three lefts :)

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