Monday, November 14, 2005

bean is back

Finally, managed to try the tuk-tuks at great peril to myself and mom. Wanted to do something before the Calypso show. Their public train system seemed rather expensive.. 30 baht to get from the show venue to our hotel while a taxi cost 60~70 baht (assuming the driver doesn't get lost; but it wasn't really his fault cos our hotel was in a more ulu place). For 2 persons or more it makes sense to share a cab already.

The show was quite eye-opening. I couldn't really see the adam's apples in alot of the dancers. As I feared there were victims taken from the audience. Luckily I escaped. A girl was randomly tossed onstage; she was so embarassed she just kept running around and hiding her face. A guy was kissed by a male performer in a geisha costume, but he was quite sporting. His lady friend couldn't stop laughing.

But damn! I could have sworn the announcer/emcee was a typical guy. Until he (she?) took off his suit and started strutting his stuff. From then on I took nothing at face value.

A couple of gripes about the show. The music and voices were all recorded. The performers didn't sing, they didn't make music, they didn't quite dance really, just strutted around for the most part. They carry paper drums and pretend to beat them. And I think some parts weren't too nice, like when they bared all for a few seconds. It just cheapens the show. All in all, it can't even hold a candle to cirque. For 1000 baht (~41 SGD), I expected more, considering that cirque tickets start at 80. Overall, I think abit overrated and expensive. But it was an eye-opener, and the japanese tourists seemed quite entertained.

I have a couple of regrets. The roadside noodles and massage. My parents weren't adventurous enough to try the street vendors. I feel like I have to babysit mom. She gets upset if I want to try something crazy. About the most adventurous thing we did was ride in Tuk-tuks. Nothing compared to crashing korea with the gang.

Btw, does anyone know why our customs seems so efficient? I've never been stuck at our customs before. Or for that matter even seen a large crowd gathered there. But LA and BKK suck ass. And BKK had even more rows than ours. I wonder why. Is it superior scheduling, so that flights don't all arrive at the same time and disengorge a flood of passengers? Or is it simply ultrafast turnaround time? Or maybe I've just been lucky?


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