Thursday, November 11, 2004

Open Source, Singapore

Skinning Gmail with a Custom Stylesheet Just too cool.

IE 2 Firefox Switch Ads Yep, Apple-style.

Firefox Launch Party in Singapore!!! I can hardly believe it myself. Anyone game?

And last but not least, Mindef is switching to OpenOffice:

In October, Mindef revealed that it is turning to the OpenOffice application suite rather than updating Microsoft Office which, according to Cheok Beng Teck, the director of the office of the ministry’s chief information officer, could not justify the high cost of the additional features in Microsoft Office 2003. OpenOffice will not replace Microsoft Office 97 that were installed on 5,000 desktop computers but will exist alongside it, providing a little bit more options for users to utilise on the packages that better suit their needs. The move will be extended to all of Mindef’s 20,000 desktop computers by March 2006.
Inevitable. After all, how can expensive compete with free? Just like how MS used to undercut their rivals (Wordperfect anyone?) by offering something cheaper and "good enough" (ie. having the common features that people use), now MS is getting it done back to them. When Mindef, the branch of the Singapore government that has no shortage of cash decides to migrate to OpenOffice, surely the time of MS's demise has come. They probably figured that the cash that they saved can let them feed a couple more BGs or get a couple more shiny new fighters. And that's not forgetting what they saved from future forced "upgrades".


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